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Who am I?

A very passionate baker who has decided to follow her dream and start a bake shop!  I'm thrilled to be able to share my creations with you and hope that you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them! 

Below is the menu which gets updated every two weeks. The Signature Cookies are always going to be on the menu, so don't worry! Keep scrolling down to see what the Signature Cookies look like, and read the descriptions of each of them.


The Seasonal and Artisanal items are the ones that change every two weeks. We like to keep things fresh and exciting at the Sweet Pearl Bake Shop! :)


Menu - June 15-30, 2023

Signature Cookies* (will always remain on the regular menu):

  • The Ginger Molasses Cookie - One dozen for $24

  • The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookie with Sea Salt - One dozen for $27

  • The Buttery Butterscotch Cookie - One dozen for $21

  • The Spicy Date and Nut Cookie - One dozen for $27

  • The Almond Penny - One dozen for $27

  • The Butter Pecan - One dozen for $27

  • The THICK triple chocolate with pecans and salted caramel chips - 8 large cookies for $27

Tarts, cupcakes and scones (will always remain on the menu, but the fruit will change depending on the season)

  • Seasonal Fruit Tart (currently strawberries and blueberries) - $35

  • Cupcakes with buttercream frosting (choose from: lemon, strawberry, cookies and cream, chocolate or vanilla) - One dozen for $35 

  • Scones (choose from: mixed berry, toffee, or blueberry & lemon) - 8 for $24

Seasonal Items (changes every two weeks):

  • Cookies and Cream Whoopie Pies - 8 for $32

  • Cardamom-Almond Cookies - One dozen for $30

Artisanal Item (changes every two weeks):

  • Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia - $27 each

Here's a close-up of our Signature Cookies!

The Ginger Molasses Cookie
Sweet, spicy, chewy - everything you want and expect from this cookie.

Cost:  One dozen for $24


The Ultimate Decadent Triple Chocolate Cookie With Sea Salt
Chewy. sweet. salty perfection.

Cost:  One dozen for $27

Note: If this is for kids, I can omit the sea salt.

The Buttery Butterscotch Cookie 
Sweet, chewy and so comforting - you simply can't get enough of this one!

Cost:  One dozen for $21

The Spicy Date and Nut Cookie
Spicy, soft, nutty and absolutely delicious.  This is a fan fave!

Cost:  One dozen for $27

The Almond Penny

Sweet, simple, and nutty.  This one has a delicate almond flavour with a nice chew.

Cost:  One dozen for $27


The Butter Pecan *New!*

This cookie has a lot of good stuff going on - it's nutty, buttery, creamy (thanks to the white chocolate bits) - it's an immediate YES!

Cost:  One dozen for $27


The THICK triple chocolate cookie with pecans and salted caramel chips -*New!*

This one is thick....very thick. It's equally delicious and is very flavourful and chewy - you will want seconds, trust me ;)

Cost:  Eight large cookies for $27

All cookies are sold in a minimum of one dozen unless identified otherwise and are baked fresh to order so please give me at least two days for pick-up.  You can place an order by contacting me through email or sending me an IM through Instagram or Facebook.  If you have any questions, or would like any modifications due to allergies, or preferences, just reach out and we can discuss how I can make you just what you'd like :)

Regarding pick-up and delivery, pick-up is the preferred option, but if you're in a pinch and need delivery, there's an extra cost of $7 within the Ottawa-core area.  I'm always happy to meet at a convenient location too :)

Keep an eye out for my seasonal and artisanal treat collection!  There will be lots of goodies to try.  I'll be posting

updated menus every two weeks right here! 

See Facebook and Instagram linked  in the contact section to follow me!  I post lots of goodies on there so you can see what I'm up cooking up! 

Once you've tried some delectables, I'd love to hear your feedback!  Reach out anytime! 

Thank you!


+1 343 999 9870

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